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Place We Go To Dream-Reserved for MT

Place We Go To Dream-Reserved for MT


"Place We Go To Dream" 12 inch acrylic and resin on canvas. 2022

Commission: Woodall Shoals


olive green, yellow ochre, burnt umber, titanium white, mars black

  • Care Instructions

    To clean a resin painting, use a soft microfiber cloth and use small circular motions to clean the surface of the painting. You can use warm water and window or glass cleaner to polish your resin painting.

  • Additional Info

    All pieces of artwork are originals. Resin has a smooth glassy finish but might have small imperfections on the surface of the resin such as fine bubbles, ripples or tiny particles that appear during its 24-72 hour drying stage. If you want to see more photos of a piece or would like to request a video clip to see every angle of the artwork before purchase, please contact me directly by sending me an email or message on Instagram.

  • Shipping Info

    All custom paintings are ready to ship 2-3 business days after purchase, United States only. When you receive your order, please take care in opening it to prevent any scratches. I wrap each piece with bubble wrap to ensure its safety while shipping.

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